SHINSUNG TONGSANG will become a company that designs the future by leading the world's knitwear market and fostering global fashion brands.

Design the Future

We will build momentum through the diversification of production footholds in international markets, with integrated purchase sourcing and R&D reinforcement.

Build Core Competency

We will strengthen our capacity by improving business-internal processes, achieving systematization and people-oriented management

Satisfying Customer Needs

We will make every effort th promptly satisfy the needs of employees and customers with the most competitive way of doing business.

Shared Value

In order to become the company that makes customers and employees happy,
SHINSUNG TONGSANG pursues the realization of the following values.

Customer: Value, Impression, Trust

We put the customer first.
We place its top priority on customer's values and will be a trustworthy company by providing impressive products and services to customers.

Action : Speed, Detail, Feedback

We pursue a leading-company with outstanding ability to execute.
SHINSUNG TONGSANG will not only carry feedback out speedy but also think about details.

People: Respect, Responsibility, Learning

SHINSUNG TONGSANG is pioneering the era of global endless competition based on excellent talent.
We respect each other, takes responsibility for what we do, and always learn to be the best.


We will take the lead in embracing change.
Our employees respond to in advance of change through participation and practice with a common goal and united mind.

Innovation: Progress, Future, Strategy

SHINSUNG TONGSANG never stops innovating to create an enterprising future.
We are constantly preparing for the future and establishing a gradual strategy as a global company.