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we promise to become the world's leading company a place where both customers and employees can enjoy happiness

The company that designs happiness
SHINSUNG TONGSANG, from its start as a company special-izing in the export of knitwear, has played a leading role in international clothing export markets thanks to its world-class production system. Indeed, it has sustained growth by simul-taneously strengthening the Korean fashion industry, while stimulating demand, both in export markets and domesti-cally.

All SHINSUNG TONGSANG employees promise.
to do their utmost to make SHINSUNG TONGSANG the best company and a company which continues to design happiness, based upon 50 years old experience, knowledge and passion.

Our Business


Seek customer satisfaction with improved competitiveness and service


Targeting customers worldwide in the full range od business fields connected to clothing exports. the domestic fashion business and clothing distribution


LOCAL COMMUNITY - based discount store for customers
provide the best product with the optimum price

Key Facts

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Vertical Production system

SHINSUNG TONGSANG has strengthened its overseas business activites with a batch production system where the whole process manufacturing from fabric to finished product is perfomed.

Global Compliance System

SHINSUNG TONGSANG controls the working environment at all the factories by systematically meneging direct/indirect factors related to business, including working hours, human rights, safrty, hygiene, welfare and staff training.

Quality Assurance System

SHINSUNG TONGSANG has a Q.A.System, allowing quality assurance managers in each of the factories to contact the head office and flexibly control the process to attain perfect quality.


SHINSUNG TONGSANG gives its full support for developing fabrics, and for the designing and production stages, which is in order to produce better quality products and thereby increase customer value.


SHINSUNG TONGSANG has production bases in Nicaragua, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar. As production bases in Nicaragua is subject to TPL and DR-CAFTA, it is possible to export products to


SHINSUNG TONGSANG promotes OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) along with ODM(Original Design Manufacturing) production that presents high-quality design by analyzing seasonal trends.

Our Brand

Korean fashion industry, while stimulating demand, both in export markets and domesti-cally.

Casual brand for 3545 generations to enjoy in their lives


Pragmatism in American Traditional Casual mingling with a sensuous European style


A brand for those who have a dynamic mind, and sensitive emotions with a modern edge


Sensual detail and simple design expresses classic sensibility


Brand that provides stylish, high-quality products at reasonable prices


Brand that provides stylish, high-quality products at reasonable prices



Social Responsibility

  • Nicaragua
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • HQ SR
  • Factory Compliance

Code of Conduct

  • Wages / Working Hours and Overtime
  • No Forced Labor / No Child Labor
  • No Harassment / Freedom of Association
  • No Discrimination / Health and Safety
  • No Bribery / Environmental Management


  • Sustainable Practice
    Training & Campaign
  • Sustainable Material
    Use sustainable cotton/recycled polyester
  • Tracking climate change
    Tracking energy consumption