Welfare Benefits

Provide discounted prices of our products for employee

• Up to 50% off our brands

Morning refreshments and dinner coupons are provided

• Refreshments for every morning
• Provide dinner coupons for cooperation restaurant

Support activities of in-house Clubs

• Support expense for in-house Clubs
• Clubs: Climbing, Soccer, Volunteer work, Basketball, Bowling, etc.

Mobile expense support

• Offer to mobile phone fees for every month (Job duties apply)

Health checkups for employees

• Provide annual health checkups for employee

Beverage Showcase

• Free use of fruit drinks, ion drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. on each floor

Family day

• Every Tuesday and Thursday getting off office on time and Shutdown the system

Reward Program

• Reward for Long-term employees and outstanding employees

Individual personality type inspection and psychology consultation

• MBTI test for new entrants and individual counseling with professional counselor

Birthday Gift

• Provide employee with shopping points for TOPENMALL

Commuter Bus service

• Operating eight times during rush hour

In-house Library

• Monthly updates popular books and rent for free