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Ethical Management


The Charter applies to all the place of business in the SHINSUNG GROUP as the basic principle of practice and activity for ethical management of the SHINSUNG GROUP. Therefore, all the executives and staff members in all the place of business and all the employees of subcontractor must comply with the Charter.

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1. Contribution to development of the country and society

  • We contribute to development of the national economy through continuous job creation and honest tax payment.
  • We observe thoroughly the regulations related to environment, take the lead in protecting the environment and contribute to public welfare through the culture and welfare projects

2. Promotion of the rights and interests of customers and stockholders

  • We promote the rights and interests of the customers with the best product and service, protect a privacy of the customers and fulfill a pledge with the customers.
  • We preserve and increase the assets of the stockholders by improving the financial structure by means of maximization of management effectiveness

3. Respect for man's life and dignity and cultivation of human resources

  • We respect the dignity of each individual member of the company as an independent human being, establish the mature organizational culture based on mutual confidence and understanding and make utmost efforts to prevent sexual harassment inside the company.
  • We endeavor to cultivate the ethical awareness of the executives and employees and support the executives and employees systemically with a long-term view in order to educate them so that they can become self-regulating and creative talents.

4. Establishment of partnership with the subcontractors

  • We actively support the subcontractors in a long term so that they can develop as globally competitive companies together through providing technical support and management skills to the subcontractors.
  • We conduct transactions with the subcontractors on an equal footing and do not make an unfair demand of any kind by taking advantage of superior position

5. Settlement of transparent management

  • We settle down the honest organizational culture gaining trust of the people by dealing with all the tasks on a basis of transparency and maintaining a fair business relationship with all the business partners including the customers and vendors to seek mutual interest on the transparent terms and conditions.
  • We reject request of any kind to disrupt fairness from the interested parties in relation to the job and do not receive or provide wrongful gain.