About Us

Social Responsibility

Organization chart

The company operates an independent compliance team at its headquarters in Korea and its overseas subsidiaries, complies with the labor laws of the countries that have entered the service to improve the working environment of all workers in the Supply Chain and to protect workers' human rights, and checks and manages them to meet international standards through regular monitoring.



The company aims to co-exist and grow with employees, business partners and communities around the world by providing workers with a legitimate, safe, and respected working environment.

Code of Conduct


No Forced Labor

Shinsung Tongsang does not use forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or other forms of forced labor.


Freedom of Association

Shinsung Tongsang recognize and respect the rights of employees to freely join or not join any association, organization, or collective bargaining unit, as applicable by local law, without any unlawful interference by management.


No Child Labor

The use of child labor is strictly prohibited.


No Discrimination

Shinsung Tongsang never discriminate in hiring practices or in any other employment related practice on the basis of any personal characteristic or belief.



Shinsung Tongsang provides wages and benefits that meet or exceed local law requirements and are provided in a timely manner.


Health and Safety

Shinsung Tongsang provides employees with safe, clean, and healthy working conditions.


Working Hours and Overtime

Shinsung Tongsang not allows working hours that exceed the applicable legal limit.


No Bribery

Shinsung Tongsang does not allow any exchange of favors, money, or gifts, with our team members with the intent to influence business decisions.


Environmental Management

Shinsung Tongsang continuously monitors production process to minimize negative impacts on the environment and communities in which we operate.


No Harassment

Shinsung Tongsang treats employees in a fair manner and with dignity and respect.


Sustainable Practice

Training & Campaign

  • Install LED light
  • Recycling program

Sustainable Material

Use sustainable cotton
recycled polyester

  • GRS (Global Recycled Standard)
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Tracking climate change

Tracking energy consumption

  • Higg index
  • CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)